Selling is in the details.

Rochelle is adept at simplifying the home-selling puzzle. She lays out the pieces and puts you in a position to maximize your home value and minimize your stress.

See the details of how Rochelle sells



With an eye for detail (in part born of the need to please scrutinizing law partners) and an instinctive commitment to showcase properties as she would homes of her own family, Rochelle chooses to work hand-in-hand with only the best professional photographers. Rochelle is dedicated to optimizing images to highlight features with the singular purpose of rallying buyers to your door.  Current technologies used are:

  • Multiple exposure stitching
  • Advanced color processing
  • Elevated & Aerial Photography
  • Night shoots

setting the
right price

Rochelle’s experience as an attorney in both the private and public sectors has made in-depth analysis part of her DNA. Going beyond impersonal formulas, Rochelle combines knowledge gained from representing buyers with an understanding of your micro-market to set a price that maximizes proceeds and minimizes days for sale.



complete online presence


Rochelle widens your home’s exposure with comprehensive social media and targeted strategies to get your listing in front of buyers primed for action.



targeted marketing

Rochelle recognizes the import of crafting all marketing pieces to shape an engaging narrative highlighting features of your home with the goal of moving today’s buyers from computer to closing table.  Every sentence written and every photo selected is done with purpose and precision by Rochelle. No templates here.



curated spaces,

experiential showings

Rochelle approaches readying a home for sale in two stages:  first, to maximize the impact of photography and second, to enhance a buyer’s showing experience.  Rochelle designs and strategically places informative signs to highlight the home’s features, ensuring that they’ll be noticed by buyers and their agents.

  • Design & Curating Consultation
  • Expert Staging
  •  Experiential Signage
  • Virtual Staging (digitally furnish and renovate spaces)
ssue spotter

negotiating expertise

Rochelle is keenly aware of the importance of conserving bargaining power to maintain an edge in negotiations. Her goal is to maximize the term(s) about which you care most whether it be sale price, amount of time to closing, and/or simply reducing stress by having fewer contingencies.



Another done deal.

Combining law experiene with real estate experience, Rochelle gets you where you want to be with tailored service and trusted skills.