a competitive edge
every step of the way

Rochelle’s experience as an elite D.C. lawyer and her naturally straightforward, honest approach to life are part of Rochelle’s Secret Sauce. Whether you are an alfredo or bolognese person, sitting back and having a real chat about what you are looking for and helping you to evaluate each property’s fit is critical. Closing the deal on the home that’s right for you is Rochelle’s focus and the ultimate goal.

See Rochelle’s Secret Sauce

regional expert

regional expert
and treasure hunter

Rochelle is personally connected to local communities as both a professional and a parent. She’ll work to understand what you want and use those connections and her knowledge to uncover opportunities that others miss.

Rochelle negotiator strategy

intuitive, strategic thinker
and veteran negotiator

In what can be a fast-moving D.C. area market, Rochelle offers you a much-needed competitive edge. Rochelle combines her natural propensity for strategic thinking with her training and experience as an attorney (at one of our nation’s top law firms) to persuasively and zealously negotiate on your behalf.


ssue spotter

and contract geek

As a former top D.C. attorney, Rochelle is uniquely positioned to analyze the “fine print” and spot issues before they happen. Every detail is understood and addressed. With an eye to saving you time and money, Rochelle has the training and experience to tailor and strengthen contracts to your advantage.  Just ask her repeat clients. 



mindful coordinator
and planner

Rochelle believes scheduling and planning is more than arranging property tours.  The real work begins post-contract. Always remembering that your earnest money deposit is at-risk, Rochelle is keenly aware of the importance of helping you meet contractual obligations and deadlines–like applying for financing within the required 7-day window and ensuring inspections occur on-time.



seasoned renovator
and designer

Take advantage of Rochelle’s 18+ years renovating condos and single-family homes to help you identify potential property issues and help you evaluate the difference between dealbreakers and opportunities. Rochelle will help you look past the current condition and visualize the property’s true potential, allowing you to find hidden value in otherwise overlooked properties.


Hand of young woman showing key from new flat

calm and focused
collaborator and partner

From identifying your next home to successfully closing, every step of the way Rochelle is committed to making the experience as stress-free as possible. Rochelle is determined to keep a smile on your face with an occasional sprinkle of humor.



Time to grab the keys.

A tested and intuitive negotiator 

With an experienced eye for home renovation

And a committment to details both big and small.