Rochelle Rubin

Rochelle attended NYU law school, clerked on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (one level below the U.S. Supreme Court), and worked at one of  “America’s top five law firms,” Covington and Burling in D.C.  As a Federal prosecutor, she had the honor of saying “Rochelle Rubin for the United States” daily.  


Today, Rochelle is a high-yielding Realtor with the boutique real estate firm of Stuart and Maury and a metro area “Top Agent”.  She applies the same intelligence and work ethic that earned her honors as an attorney to advocate for and protect the interests of her real estate clients.  Combining her essential legal skill set with her personal experience as a real estate investor, Rochelle offers her sellers and buyers an essential competitive edge to best position them for success in today’s marketplace.



Rochelle represents buyers and sellers in the competitive D.C./MD area and is a member of the Top Agent Network, an invitation-only network (only top 10% of local market), allowing her to inform her buyers of listings before they hit the market and her sellers of qualified prospects for their homes.



Rochelle attended NYU law school, clerked on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, worked at Covington and Burling, and served as a Federal prosecutor. With her elite law background, Rochelle is skilled at creating clarity and finding in the details advantages for her clients.



With over 18 years renovating, selling, and buying homes, Rochelle maximizes her keen aesthetic sensibility and understanding of the target market along with key local connections to prepare your home for sale putting you in a position to close fast and simply.


champion your interests and conserve your time

“My clients are busy people… 

the safest place is out in front of any issues. Less surprises, more uncovered opportunities and on-time closing; it all comes from paying attention to the detail and focusing on the spaces in-between. That is where we find our edge.”

Demystifying the Buy.

With more than a decade of real estate experience, Rochelle puts together the home-buying puzzle for you.

Simplifying the Sell.

Rochelle crafts listings that make homes stand-out and sell quickly while focusing on making the process effortless for you.